Is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.  All toys belong to her. If you are lucky she will let you play with one of them….but only until she decides she wants it. She will create a distraction and while the other dogs are investigating she will steal the toys back one by one. Pretty smart dog !!!

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 Bonnie 1  (Bonnie)

Bonnie is a very sweet  S&P Female. She is very inquisitive and wants to know what you are doing and will follow you around to make sure you are not doing something that might involve her.     She loves her toys as well and enjoys a good game of stealing toys from Lucy and Cooper by using her manipulative charms !!




JasmineJasmine (Retired)

She is a very sweet dog…. She gets very excited to see you when you get home !!! She loves to chase bugs and other critters. She thinks that she will catch a chameleon one day Her favorite perch is on the fireplace ledge. She has been adopted and lives with Mr. Dave !!

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